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iNCUBEE Your Cloud Based Solutions Provider in HK.

The iNCUBEE platform is a very user-friendly website supporting company formation and providing virtual hosting (registered address), as well as company secretarial services to maintain Hong Kong limited companies statutory records properly, following Hong Kong laws and regulations.

We also offer accounting solutions, and supervision to issue management accounts as well as Annual Audit and Tax Filing coordination.

With iNCUBEE, you do not need to install any software or backup your data because we are cloud based. All your data is automatically and safely backed up in our system. While being cloud based, our solutions are easily accessible and available anytime, from anywhere.

This is how we offer very competitive prices while maintaining a high-quality level of services.

Enjoy iNCUBEE, a combination of DIY (1) and professional expertise that will help you save money on handling data while we back you up and save your time on submitting and updating records.

A revolutionary way to do company formation and maintenance. Simple and cheap, as it always should be!

(1) DIY: Do-It-Yourself.

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