Report Corporate Changes

During a company’s life, you will likely need to report corporate changes. For example changes in company name, address, information of director / shareholder / company secretary and appointment / resignation of director / company secretary, etc. have to be reported to the Companies Registry, and in some cases the Inland Revenue Department.

When your company experiences a change, you should inform your company’s Company Secretary.

Need Assistance To Report Corporate Changes?

If iNCUBEE is your company’s company secretary we can help you to report the change. Simply proceed as follows:

  1. Visit our website and clickReport corporate changes“;
  2. Choose what you want to do, click on it and fill in our short online form;
  3. Click on “Submit”. We will instantly receive your instruction, and will get back to you within a few hours;
  4. We will check your data then issue and send the full set of required documents to you by e-mail with signing instructions within a few hours;
  5. Sign and return the documents which we will then register in the HK Companies Registry and/or the Inland Revenue Department;
  6. Your change will be duly reported, and your company’s records will be duly updated around 5 working days later.

Think you need to report corporate changes but have a doubt? You are welcome to contact us at any time. If we are your appointed Company Secretary, iNCUBEE will contact you regarding compulsory procedures.

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