LCCS provides a full range of corporate services for Hong Kong companies. Our fees depend on the service and the package you choose:


From HKD 3,000 (Package 1: company formation only) to HKD 4,000 (Package 4: company formation + 1 year registered office + 1 year company secretary) + official government fees and other disbursements as follows:

  • Company Registry Incorporation fee: HKD 1,720
  • Business Registration fee: HKD 250 (from April 2019: HKD2,250 – HKD2,000 gvt waiver)
  • Company kit: HKD 450
  • Postage fee: HKD 500

So, if you need our full package (4), it will cost you a total of HKD 6,920 which includes the incorporation of the company, 1 year of registered office and 1 year of company secretary.


All Hong Kong companies are required to appoint a Designated Representative (DR) and keep a Significant Controller’s Register (SCR). Shall LCCS be appointed as your company’s company secretary, we can act as DR and assist to prepare and keep the SCR (more info here). For SCR, some fees may apply as follows:

  • Individual shareholders: FREE
  • Corporate shareholders: HKD 1,500 / year / significant controller


Shelf companies are companies pre-incorporated within the last 18 months and are ready to be transferred, but they have no records and no bank accounts. They never operated. The cost for a shelf company is HKD 12,000. The cost includes the transfer of the company, 1 year registered office, and 1 year company secretary.

For a comparison of the above two options refer to our infographic New Company vs. Shelf Company.


We offer two packages as follows:

1) Non-HK Company Registration OnlyHKD9,000 + disbursements (per below)

2) Non-HK Company Registration + 1 Year Registered Office: HKD10,500 + disbursements (per below)

Whereas disbursements are:

  • Company Registry Incorporation fee: HKD 1,720
  • Business Registration fee: HKD 250 (from April 2019: HKD2,250 – HKD2,000 gvt waiver)
  • Company Chops: HKD120
  • Postage Fees: HKD500

Be aware you will need to appoint an authorized representative residing in Hong Kong. The representative can be an individual (HK Resident) or a Corporate Body of Solicitors or Certified Public Accounts.

Please note LCCS does not offer authorized representative services because of the liability it implies.


We offer two packages as follows:

1) Representative Office Registration Only: HKD2,000 + disbursements (per below)

2) Representative Office Registration + 1 Year Business Address: HKD3,500 + disbursements (per below)

Whereas disbursements are:

Business Registration fee: HKD HKD 250 (from April 2019: HKD2,250 – HKD2,000 gvt waiver)
Postage Fees: Courier fee to send final document depending on the destination.


Incorporation fees include guidance for one corporate bank account opening. For assistance to set up additional bank accounts or if you are a customer transferring your company to LCCS, we can do so for HKD500/1 meeting or HKD1,000/3 meeting.


After 1 year, the renewal of registered office and company secretary for an additional year, will be HKD 2,000 only. If you need to renew only 1 of the 2 (either the registered office or company secretary), the cost is HKD 1,500.

Shall a company be transferred to LCCS, the same subscription fee will apply:

– HKD 2,000 / year for registered office and company secretary;

– HKD 1,500 / year for company secretary only.


The reporting of changes that your company may experience (changes in company name, address, information of director / shareholder / company secretary and appointment / resignation of director / company secretary, etc.) may result in different level of fees depending on the volume of works:

  • Group 1: HKD 500 to Change particulars of director/secretary or Change director/secretary or Appoint new director
  • Group 2: HKD 1,000 to Change company name or Change registered address or Allot new shares (+ HKD500 for each additional beneficiary)
  • Group 3: HKD 1,500 to Prepare annual return (+ HKD 105 government fee) or Transfer shares (+ HKD5 + 0.2% stamp duty on the amount of consideration or the value of the shares, whichever is higher)


We do not offer nominee services ourselves because of the personal liability it implies, but we can help to set up legal provision of nominee services with a third party of your choice. Our fee to set up legal provision for nominee shareholder is HKD2,000 and/or nominee director is HKD1,000.


Transfer of an existing company is free. Depending on the service chosen (Company Secretary and/or Registered Office), you are only required to pay for a 1-year subscription (annual renewal) (see above).


The cost depends on the volume of transactions and the nature of the business. Please fill in our questionnaire and we will be able to quote our services.


Our fees are as follows:

  • Registration* or deregistration of employees (per employee): HKD 750
  • Monthly handling fee for issuing payslip for each existing employee: HKD 200 (charged on a quarterly basis)

*  Fee includes connecting you to our MPF and employer’s compensation insurance partner.


Note that Business Registration will also have to be renewed every year but its amount may vary from one year to another (HKD 250 (from April 2019: HKD2,250 – HKD2,000 gvt waiver)).

We can assist you to pay the Business Registration renewal fee, if you request, in which case an additional handling fee of HKD 500 will be applied. Such handling fee may also be applied should you require our assistance to pay any penalties, etc.

Finally, HK companies are required to fill in an Annual return every year, which is part of the services we offer in our “Send instructions” section (Group 3).

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