In case you want to deregister your company, you shall have the management accounts prepared and audited unless no business operation has been commenced yet. You shall file a profits tax return to the Inland Revenue Department together with the audit report and settle tax payable if any. Once the tax matters are settled, you will need to file an application for no objection to a company being deregistered to the Inland Revenue Department and upon such notice of no objection is given, you can file an application for deregistration to the Companies Registry and it will then take around five months to have the company officially deregistered.

Note that there is no standard fee for preparation of management accounts and audit. It depends on the volume of transactions. If the management accounts are ready, you can email the financial statements to us and we can ask our partner for a fee proposal for the audit part. If no management accounts are prepared (before auditing), you can email us the bank statements and all the invoices your company issued/received and our partner can also quote for both book keeping and auditing.

For legal deregistration, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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