1.  How can I settle payment with LCCS?

  • You can complete the transaction by using a credit card. Debit cards that have a security code may also be accepted.
  • If for some reason you cannot make use of our payment system please contact us to arrange direct payment by bank transfer.

2.  If I accidentally submit wrong information, am I able to make some changes without paying any extra fees?

  • As long as the related documents have not been issued and delivered to the company registry department and the company stamp has not been produced, changes still can be done without any extra payment. Nevertheless, some disbursements may apply.

3.  Am I able to appoint my secretary/someone else to open the bank account for me?

  • The director(s) must attend the bank account opening procedures in person. If due to some circumstances, you cannot attend the appointment, you need to inform us in advance to reschedule the appointment.

4.  Is the online system of LCCS secure?

  • LCCS is powered by Ecclesia which is an online software using SSL protocol to encrypt data during network transmission to protect your personal data. All personal data you provide to the LCCS via lccs.com.hk are secured, and access to them is restricted to authorized personnel only. We will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent.

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