Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong can be very challenging for foreigners. The requirements for account opening are becoming more demanding due to the strict regulations of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on money laundering. If you are planning to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, this article will help you to understand the process and requirements.

To open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, the directors are required to meet with the bank in person and some banks may even require to meet with the shareholders as well and therefore, you are highly recommended to consult the bank you prefer carefully. Appointment must be made prior to the meeting (walk in is normally not accepted) and could only be made after the company is incorporated as your company number will be needed. LCCS clients can enjoy free services of appointment making with the bank and general advices on the bank requirements.

To ensure the source of funds and to comply with the Know Your Client regulations, you will be required to provide the banks with some supporting documents. You should bring your original identity proof (i.e. Hong Kong identity card and/or passport), address proof (e.g. utility bills / mobile bills / bank statements issued within 3 months; if they are not in English, certified translation must be provided) and the corporate documents (including the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Association and Incorporation Form <NNC1>). Business proofs would also be required and you may submit your business plan, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, copies of contracts signed or invoices issued, bank statements of your other company and proof of ownership of your other company etc.

Different banks may have different requirements and you are always advised to consult the banks you prefer in detail before meeting with them to optimize the meeting.

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